All photographs and other works of art are not mine unless otherwise stated. These are all things, people and visuals that serve as inspiration. Header photograph by one of my favorite photographers, Jonathan Leder.

I am moonii.

The project was called “The Echigo-Tsumari existence Design Project”where 20 creators re-designed 28 different products special to the Echigo-Tsumari area. Rice is the main farmed crop of Japan. The fresh water and the weather, along with the toil of the farmhouse workers culminate in this product, which is a natural blessing. The mark on the packaging represents water, the sun, the Japanese flag and rice. It also aims to give that to the farm workers.

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Love Guangzhou 愛廣州 
Typography design 
Has been completed 
Guangzhou is a beautiful city, I hope more about people to know that Guangzhou also known as a gourmet paradise, so you will be love this city if you come to here.
But don’t forget you can not miss these places. 
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